Sunday, October 26, 2008

little helper

i can't believe it. jack's been throwing his diapers in the trash for a few weeks now. but tonight he went to his diaper bag and brought me the pad and wipes. he laid that down and went back to the bag. in his hand was a diaper! when i asked him to lay down, he did! his diaper was actually wet. my little boy is so smart. he amazes me everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Jack and I like to play ! Grandma created a "cave" in the family room with a card table and a blanket, sometiems an afgan closes the opening. After we take the regular "tour", I swing Jack into the cave for a game of hide and seek. He will sit inside smiling waiting for my 'surprise reach in', we laugh and then do it again. Jack likes to push through the blanket with his head on all fours to the outside and then return back in, laughing all the time. We never tire of this play and both look forward to the next "cave adventure". love grandpa