Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On the 4th we descended into Hell Toledo to enjoy the relaxed yet always enriched Toledo Zoo with Jack and his cousin.

Jack's favorite activity is to be lead around in brachiating style. This week he's attempted a couple one-handed variations. I think we're gonna have a walker on our hands in the next few weeks.

Animals caught feeding:

Pacific Octopus
Sloth Bear
African Elephant


I think we'll be lucky if I get another summer of carrying him backpack-wise, which is a lot of fun. On the downside, he's quickly becoming heavier than just about anything I'd put on my back, including my backcountry pack, and a six hour day of hustling him around really works the upper back. On the upside, it's a lot of fun, he has a place to sleep and I satiate a deep tribal psychological need that I'm battle ready.

Animals caught doing it:

Giraffes (the guy really gave it the college try)


We really strive to give our (only) niece this kind of experience. She's just getting to the point at 3 where she can at least take some direction, and I've already excited her about dinosaurs and robots, so there's plenty of tinder there for us to light a spark in the arts and sciences when she matriculates to 4 and up. I'm not sure she'll remember me explaining to her how bromeliads are great epiphytes, but I've learned in my short year of parenting that persistence is a virtue.

Best in show:

Japanese Giant Salamander (For being a bigass amphibian)
Orangutan (Disturbing show of strength in the pullup competition)
Cheetah (for showing predator instinct towards dangling toddler)
Giraffes (hats off and pants off)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Family, what a great family zoo outing for you with wonderful memories for the children.
warm wishes and love, Grandpa Robichaud