Thursday, May 15, 2008

one year later

a baby's first birthday is a great celebration for everyone. i take pride in that patrick and i haven't screwed up too much this past year. jack is a thriving, happy little boy with lots of curiosity and creativity. for his first birthday, we celebrated with his first cupcake. it was very cute to see jack at daycare around all his friends (who like to give lots of kisses). he certainly has made a little world for himself there. i am so proud. at first jack just looked at the cupcake. second, a finger slightly touched the frosting. soon, his whole hand grabbed it and ate it. he ate quicker than some of the others. we then went to dinner and jack ate some guacamole.

as i think about the last year, it's all so fantastic. being jack's mom is the best thing. yeah, i've learned a lot about babies, but i've also learned a lot about myself and life itself.

jack has this way about him that just makes me melt. he is a gentle boy who is happy and eager to learn and love. thank you, jack, for the best year of my life.

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