Thursday, August 30, 2007

daycare begins

what a difficult week!
but jack did very well the last three days. usually babies don't sleep well during this adjustment period, but jack proved everyone wrong. yesterday he power napped in the morning and played, ate and slept in the afternoon. i spent my lunch time visiting the daycare which was the only way i was gonna get thru this tough week. jack has made a few friends including rowan, molly, & sarah. the baby girls like to smile at my boy.

jack's eyelashes are getting darker and his hair looks kinda like a mohawk. he is smiling and cooing a lot and loves to suck on his hands, arms & my shoulder. besides that, he spends a lot time grabbing objects (& putting those in his mouth).

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Anonymous said...

"Girls like to smile at my boy"... It sounds like he is a chip off the old block, especially when Mommy smiled at Daddy.