Friday, July 13, 2007


jack is almost 9 weeks old. time does fly, i am back at work. i do miss this little guy when i am away, in fact it is hard to think about anything else.


Scott Robichaud said...

i'm speechless pat. Just a few years ago it was "I hate pickup trucks, i can hear the twang when i get in it" to driving a truck and having your child wear a "chicks dig my tractor" how times have changed...

Anonymous said...

During my last visit with Jack, I noted his new awareness of familiar faces. He turns his head towards you when you are in his close space and if you are fortunate, he smiles, a very blessed, heart warming experience. I'm looking forward to what Jack's personality will be, his values, his interests, etc. As those of you that know me are aware (some tell me painfully), I believe a person's personality is 70 % genetic and 30 % environment.

No, Patrick, I have no scientific data just my empirical experiences with thousands of people including you (sample size may not be statistically significant, plus or minus 6 sigma but I'm still right !) !

I am very much looking forward to building a positive personal relationship with Jack. As you know he's so easy to love, warm regards & love, grandpa Robichaud