Thursday, June 14, 2007

my little man

this week i am starting to prepare to go back to work in 3 or at best 4 weeks. it's not the work i dread, but just as i have figured out nursing, i have to figure out a way to keep it up while jack and i are apart.

my milk must be doing something right, even if my soothing techniques are less than perfect. jack weighed in at 8 pounds 10 ounces. not bad for 4.5 weeks. he also grew 2" in length.

this time with jack has been very special to me. i never knew that it could be so much work but also be so rewarding. he has started to respond to my voice and my tickles. kissing him is so sweet.


Anonymous said...

He is really growing. And he is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Nicole and Pat,
We can appreciate the 24 hour care that is required to raise a baby. Beyond being totally dependent, Jack draws you in and you fall in love with him. I'm surprised how quickly he is changing and his skin has such a nice color and softness. You both are doing an outstanding job of providing for his care at the expense of your own wants and needs.
love, grandpa Robichaud

Scott Robichaud said...

Think he is ready to use a circular saw yet? I'd like to get him out on site asap.

from what I hear you have to start them young.

-Uncle Scott